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Eddies Engineering and Solutions Pvt Ltd.

We are your partner for NDT, Condition Monitoring, ROV and Drones solutions.

EEAS– For Better Future

We are a solution company for NDT, Condition Monitoring, ROV, Drones and Engineering components. We work beyond passion and with commitment. We have solution ranges from Sky, Surface and Sea. We can equip you with world class technology from global village. We can accommodate all your Inspections and maintenance needs.

While some of the challenges are new at Eddies, our mission has always been about ‘Work Passion and Think Engineering’.

Our Partners:

  • SG NDT

  • viZaar Industrial Imaging

  • Sonatest

  • Laser Export (Elanik LIBS)

  • Guided Ultrasonic Limited

  • CTC Online (Vibration Sensors)

  • AUT Solutions

  • Gammatec SA

  • Oserix

  • Fujifilm

Solutions for SKY

Solutions for EARTH

Solutions for SEA

If you got any question or need quotation please find our Contact Us section or contact with one of our team member through this live chat. We will be happy to assist you immediately, In the case of out of business hours we will please to contact you with in 24 hours.